Different Teeth Whitening Techniques Available

  • Monday, 04 January 2021
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Different Teeth Whitening Techniques Available

Teeth whitening is the cosmetic procedure of whitening the shade of your teeth from the natural, bright white color to the normally pale color of yellow or brown. Tooth whitening is most commonly desired when teeth become stained over time and is achieved by transforming the pale or intrinsic color of the tooth's enamel to a darker shade. For many people, they'd like to have a whiter smile and brighter smile as a result of having worked hard to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Although tooth whitening may not provide a lifetime cure for the staining that has taken place over the years, it can help reduce and make the discoloration less noticeable over time.

The two basic types of teeth whitening procedures include the tray-based tooth whitening system and the laser-based tooth whitening system. The tray-based tooth whitening system uses trays to hold the whitening gel over the teeth for a certain period of time. The tray-based method is the least invasive of the two tooth whitening systems. During the tray-based tooth whitening process, the whitening gel is applied to the teeth manually. This can sometimes require the assistance of a dental assistant.

Laser tooth whiteners use light energy to activate the peroxide molecules that are within the gel. It works to change the chemical properties of the peroxide so that it will change its appearance to that of a brighter shade of brown. In this type of teeth whitening process, there are generally less discomfort for the patient as well as less post-treatment tooth sensitivity. There is also a greater success rate with this type of teeth whitening treatment.

Most people are familiar with the traditional home teeth whitening solutions such as brushing after every meal, flossing three times a day, or having your dentist performs a special procedure using a bleaching agent. However, many people are now choosing to use over-the-counter products in their own homes without consulting a dentist. These over-the-counter products work just as well as these traditional remedies, but may be much more convenient for busy people. One type of over-the-counter product, you might see advertised uses a special mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth. This product is very similar to the whiteners found at your local dentist.

Some dentist offices offer in-office whitening treatments. These treatments are typically performed in the dentist's office using laser technology, or by using a bleaching agent, or a combination of both in-office and in-ceremony treatments. The results can often be far better than you would achieve at home due to the high level of care and precision that is required. Laser treatments are also typically much more expensive than in-office whitening treatments.

You can also purchase an at-home teeth whitening kit. These kits contain both the whitening agents and the bleaching agent. They work just as well as the dentist office treatments, except they won't cost nearly as much. Some kits include a follow-up product such as hydrogen peroxide or a topical gel to make sure your treatment is complete.

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