How Can LED Light Enhance Your Teeth Whitening Results?

  • Monday, 12 July 2021
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How Can LED Light Enhance Your Teeth Whitening Results?

Teeth Whitening LED Light is becoming an increasingly popular choice of teeth whitening method. Teeth Whitening LED Light utilises 5 LEDs in its design to equally disperse the light onto your teeth to help provide a uniform white colour to your teeth. Well designed teeth whitening LED Light will allow you to achieve a whiter smile in much less time and will be much more effective than traditional methods of teeth whitening. The amount of time that you need to achieve the desired results will depend on how you react to the treatment. Some people may find that their first experience of using any of these treatments is uncomfortable or even painful. To ease any feelings of discomfort associated with the procedure and to make the teeth whitening procedure a more pleasant experience we have written a few helpful tips below.

Firstly a mouth tray should always be used prior to undergoing any teeth whitening procedure. The mouth tray should be made from a comfortable material that allows for the patient's breathing to freely flow and at the same time it doesn't restrict their facial movements. Your dentist will take a sample of your mouth surface and create a custom fit mouth tray. Typically this consists of a thin plastic frame that fits firmly around your teeth and the upper edges of your cheeks and chin. This frame is then secured around your head so as to prevent it from moving about while you are undergoing the procedure.

LED lights are also available for use on the teeth whitening gel. In order for this treatment to be effective, the LED lights must reach the teeth thoroughly. Once they reach the stains they will then be converted into heat energy by the gel. This heat energy will then eliminate the stain giving you a bright smile free of stains. This gel can be applied over a period of time depending on how many stains you wish to remove.

Another form of teeth whitening LED light source is known as the sensitivity LED tooth gel. This kit includes a high intensity LED light source which is attached to the teeth whitening gel. This light source produces a very strong signal that can last up to 40 minutes after the gel has been applied. In addition to the strong light source the sensitivity LED tooth gel also includes a built in phototactic element that will work to trigger the light source based on skin color and/or surrounding area colors.

Finally there is the comfort LED whitening kit. The comfort LED whitening kit contains a pair of thin plastic trays. These trays are designed to make them comfortable for the patient to wear. They are similar to those used in eye exams, where they prepare the patient to have the LED light source applied. The trays are then placed on the mouth for an appropriate amount of time based on the results of the LED light test.

In conclusion it is important to keep these factors in mind when considering the use of an LED light to enhance your whitening results. When used properly, a LED light can be highly effective at providing you with faster whitening results. There is no better time than now to get your teeth looking their best. Do your homework and choose one of these kits today.

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