Teeth Whitening Kit With LED Light - Best Tips & Products

  • Thursday, 14 January 2021
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Teeth Whitening Kit With LED Light - Best Tips & Products

The Teeth Whitening LED Light is one of the latest products in teeth whitening systems and its popularity has taken off in the recent years. It is easy to use and is cheaper than other systems such as the toothpaste, gels and trays. The ease of use is certainly an advantage over other products, but there is one downside to using the Teeth Whitening LED Light as a tooth whitener. Although it can be used for extended periods at a time and does not require replacing the batteries like other products, this product does need to be recharged from time to time. The LED light will not last forever, but will last approximately four to six weeks depending on the amount of light emitted.

How Does It Work? Teeth Whitening LED Light works through the application of a whitening gel onto the teeth. To achieve the best result, it is highly recommended that you use two whitening gels, one for the upper teeth and one for the lower teeth. The LED light is then applied onto the teeth using the mouth tray which is provided by the manufacturer. The entire process is complete in about forty minutes and after complete use, you are recommended to rinse your mouth with water.

What Can I Do With Teeth Whitening LED Light? Although the LED light is one of the latest products in the teeth whitening kit, you should still follow the manufacturer's instructions in using the mouth tray. The mouth tray should always be filled first with water before the whitening gel is applied to it. In addition to using the mouth tray to apply the gel, you should also clean your teeth with a toothbrush in order to remove any traces of the whitening gel that may have been left behind when you used the mouth tray.

So, How Does LED Light Work? Well, the light is made up of small particles of a gel called 'Cyano-Acrylate'. These particles are charged positively and pass across the surface of the teeth whitening kit in search of the stains or discolorations. They come into contact with the stains and if they react, this creates energy that makes the chemical reaction to occur. This chemical reaction changes the color of the gel in the form of either white or yellow.

In the case of the teeth whitening kits with LED lights, the light is most often emitted blue but can vary between various shades depending on the intensity of the light. They are suitable for teeth that are heavily stained or have otherwise unsightly discolorations like brown, grey or even black. They are usually more effective than the regular gel based whiteners and work relatively faster as well. However, they are not recommended for teeth that are badly stained as the reaction can sometimes be temporary and superficial.

The best teeth whitening kit with LED light combines the use of light with active ingredients that cause the greatest change to the color of the teeth. These include carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, triclosan, hydrogen peroxide gel and carbamide sorbate. This combination allows for faster results and even results that last for years. They also provide lasting results because unlike regular teeth whiteners, you do not have to replace the light bulbs or the gel and after application the teeth remain white. This makes them a better choice, especially if you want whiter teeth for life!

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