Teeth Whitening Lamp - The Different Types of Teeth Whitening Tools

  • Monday, 25 January 2021
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Teeth Whitening Lamp - The Different Types of Teeth Whitening Tools

The use of a teeth whitening lamp has been around for sometime but was it really popular? Let us see, in the late 90's a company from California named Consumer Reports came out with their research report which was on a product called "Lamyss" and this item was supposed to be a teeth whitener kit. So, this company did a little bit of advertising and word of mouth spread like wildfire. This was actually quite good for them because it created a lot of demand for their products.

Now we all know that these products do work and that they are safe to use. The problem is a lot of people don't follow these safety rules so the companies have had to come up with other ways of getting the same results but in a more sanitary way. Teeth Whitening LED Teeth Whitening Lamp; now sold as a table top and floor standing dental bleaching lamp, uv light and gel light, to put in, light and gel as we like to put it. It was developed by the Dental Research Institute of San Diego. It was designed for high intensity pulsed light, which is what you would get if you put a bleaching gel on a colored contact lens in a high intensity mode.

This teeth whitening lamp uses a blue light technology to kill the bacteria and reverse the bleaching effect. There are some other features built into this unit, which makes it safer than the standard bleaching units. First it operates with a low power setting and only produces about fifty percent of the potential of the average bleaching system. It also has a safety switch so that you can automatically turn it off when you are finished with the process. It also comes with two year limited warranties and with no return policy.

The lamp uses a gel that contains up to thirty percent hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful bleaching agent and can easily produce the whitest teeth in a matter of minutes. In addition to that it works well with a range of stains too, such as dark or brownish stained teeth. The bleaching lamp comes with its own carry case, carrying case and instruction manual. You can also buy the unit online from the Dental Products website.

Another product you might want to consider is the LED teeth whitening lamp. It was developed by TheraBrite and is one of the better quality products on the market. It is designed to produce sixty thousand hues of white from a single wattage. A sixty thousand-hue light is not very powerful but is enough to brighten darker spots on your teeth. It can also be used effectively to remove stains too.

The LED teeth whitening lamp produces three hundred times more whitening power than a standard halogen light, using only twenty-five percent of the energy. This means that it requires only thirty minutes for every treatment instead of the average of two hours required by the standard halogen light. The blue light technology uses only the most efficient blue light technology, making the results of the treatment much more effective than other methods.

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