Teeth Whitening Machines Versus Teeth Bleaching Lamps - The Pros and Cons

  • Tuesday, 13 July 2021
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Teeth Whitening Machines Versus Teeth Bleaching Lamps - The Pros and Cons

What is the best teeth whitening machine? With so many teeth whitening products available on the market, it is difficult to find one that delivers on the quality and promise it makes. You are assured of maximum results for your customer with teeth whitening machine. All leading teeth whitening companies stock high-quality, professional-grade equipment, meeting strict Australian quality standards.

Most teeth whitening products in Australia are fitted with a white-light laser. The light heats up the gel to a temperature which activates the whitener and activates the bleaching agent, enhancing the whiteness of your tooth. This whiter tooth gives your smile a deeper, more profound color. To make the whitener work faster, use a bleaching toothpaste with a stronger peroxide concentration. Some whitening toothpastes also contain small amounts of hydrogen peroxide to boost the whiteness even further.

Each teeth whitening machine works in a different way but each of them have the same end result. Once your teeth whitening machine reaches a certain level of whitened teeth, it will need to be recharged. A recharging process should be done at least once a year. To ensure maximum results, it is recommended to recharge as soon as possible after each visit.

To use your own teeth whitening machine at home, first, purchase or rent a professional teeth whitening machine. Most machines used in professional dentist offices are fitted with a single lamp. For some applications, it is recommended to purchase a multiple-lumen lamp. The lamp used in a professional teeth whitening process can produce an intense level of whiteness and last for up to four hours while a recharging lamp may only last for an hour. Lamps that use double bulbs tend to produce the best results.

Next, purchase or rent a teeth whitening accelerator lamp. Accelerator lights are attached to teeth whitening lamps to generate an intense level of whiteness. Because a higher number of lights are required for a higher whiteness level, accelerators often cost more than other lighters. Because of this, it may not be practical for some consumers to purchase their own teeth whitening machine. However, many professional dentists and mobile technicians are now offering mobile teeth whitening services to consumers who prefer to get the treatment at home rather than using a professional's office.

Professional teeth whitening machines and teeth bleaching lamps both use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and stains. While these methods are both effective, there are differences in the time frames for results. Portable teeth whitening machine users can usually get results in less than thirty minutes while a dentist or mobile technician will take longer to achieve the same results. There is a definite advantage for the consumer with the teeth whitening machine because it is faster and produces more noticeable results.

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