Which Whitening Kit Will Work For You?

  • Tuesday, 06 July 2021
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Which Whitening Kit Will Work For You?

If you're tired of your teeth being yellow or stained, a teeth whitening kit may be the right choice for you.teeth whitening kit They are often more costly than over-the-counter whitening kits (usually $40 to $60 more than $20), but tend to be less costly than an in-office treatment (typically between six to eight sessions, ranging from four to six hours long). In some cases, professional in home kits are also available. These, too, are designed to be used at home, with no need for a dental office visit. These whitening systems typically have a pen-based application method that produces quick, even results; however, they can take longer to produce noticeable whiteness.

One factor to consider when selecting a teeth whitening kit would be ease of usage. Most would simply fit into the provided mouthpiece, which can then be worn as you eat or do other activities, like watching television, reading, or talking on the telephone. However, if you need to apply them more frequently than this would be a disadvantage, so check to make sure the product offers you a few different options.

There are a number of ways to select a teeth whitening kit: kits that use gel based ingredients, like the kits found at the dentist, or teeth whitening gels, like those sold at most drug stores. Whitening gels are designed for a much longer term than gel-based formulas and may be worn for longer periods of time than their gel-based competition. The best of these products will also contain a small percentage of hydrogen peroxide to help lighten surface stains. In order to get the best result, always ensure the teeth whitening kit you choose contains at least 50% hydrogen peroxide.

Bleaching trays are another option for those looking to whiten their teeth and are quite common for those looking for at home solutions. There are three main types of whitening kits for teeth trays: the strip method, the trays with gel and hydrogen peroxide, and the trays with both gel and peroxide. The strip method involves inserting a whitening solution through the trays, bleaching the teeth by applying the solution to the teeth for a specified amount of time, and then removing the trays. The strips tend to work the best for those who have mild stains and yellowish or brown teeth, since they cover the whole surface of the teeth.

The third choice among the whitening gel kits are toothpastes. Toothpastes are generally used in two ways: the first is as a rinse to remove any leftover whitening gel from the previous application, and the second is to directly apply the whitening gel to teeth. These are generally the best quality toothpastes on the market, and work very well to give a person a brighter smile. The ingredients in the toothpaste must be similar to those found in a good quality whitening gel, since the acidity of the toothpaste is what gives teeth its whiteness. Generally, a good toothpaste has about 5% hydrogen peroxide in it.

The last method we'll discuss strips. These are often applied to stains in order to get rid of them. They generally work for lighter stains such as grey and brown teeth and may also work for darker stains such as red and yellow teeth. They work by placing the strip directly on the teeth and letting it stay there for a specified amount of time, then taking a strip off and replacing it with a new strip. This strip will remove any leftover stain from the gel you applied.

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